EZDAN was established in 2008 as a contracting company, primarily engaged in contracts civil works, road works, electric towers,fabrication and mechanical towers.

We have a proud history and even more promising future. We have a clear sense of why we exist, where we are heading, and how we are going to get there.

We believe in the key motto of delivering high quality services that has a value to our clients which would increase repeat patronage and word of mouth advertising in the future.

EPC since its inseption has taken great in maintaning its untarnished reputation. Our work methodology is structurd arround family unity, we treat all of our employees and clients base as if they are actual family members.

We are unique in that we cab bring this personal and collaborative approach, combined with our finacial strength and purchasing power to the benefit of each of our clients. We have built and maintaned our reputation as service and client-orinented company who meets the ever changingand growing need of our customers.

Started as a small enterprise, we have been growing steadily ever since, irrespective of the vagaries of the economic situation. The foundation for this has been our strict adherence to qulity products and prompts service, in whatever field we step-in. Thus the small enterprise turned to a corporate the we are now. We never compromised with the client's satisfaction as tested with their patience.

We belive in utilizing the latest techniques and technology combined with personalised, collaborative approach to the benefit of each of our clients with such base we are planning our future in the expanding througout creating in house different type of construction needed services.

We look into compromise of a diverse range of strategically positioned operating systemm and associate with our clients to provide the versatility service. Its diverse business portfolio compromise of a seriouse commitment and involvement in a variouse sectiors. Our extensive range of commercial contracting services makes us your best choice for any project.