We are pleased to provide the following information on Ezdan Projects (HVAC Services), our experience and capabilities and the services that we provide.
Areas of Expertise Our capabilities are extensive, and include the following:

Design and Installation;
Programmed Maintenance and Service;
Air Conditioning.
Heating, Ventilation and Extraction;
Process Cooling and Heating;
Ducting Systems;
Ventilation and Condensation Control;
Products Storage and Chilling;

Service Operations

The Service Department is responsible for Routine Preventative Maintenance, Breakdown Response and Repairs. Our competent field staff drive modern vehicles, are well presented in company uniform and carry identification at all times. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is utilised and a Job Safety Analysis is undertaken for each and every job. The Department is genuinely committed to providing a proactive service to our valuable clients; with the focus on reducing unnecessary breakdowns and minimizing plant down-time, primarily through the implementation of an excellent preventative maintenance program. Wherever possible, the tradesperson who is allocated to routinely maintain the site will also be scheduled to undertake breakdown and repair work and in most instances personally prepare any necessary quotations. On larger premises, we ensure that a secondary technician is also rotated through to ensure that there are at least two technicians with site specific knowledge.

Our extremely low staff turnover rate in our Service Division (less than 5%) has ensured an outstanding level of consistency for our clients. Ezdan Projects Services places a high priority on prompt breakdown attendance in the event of any plant failure. We have a sophisticated job allocation system which takes into account the clientís business; availability of the regular technician; work location; job difficulty and urgency ñ with immediate response to critical areas being a priority. The daily climatic conditions are an influence; however contract clients are always given priority. Our normal business hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays) and we have two technicians on the after-hours roster each week. Should neither of them respond to a page within 10 minutes, the call will escalate to team leaders, supervisors and then management, thus ensuring that your breakdown is attended to.

Ezdan Projects Services We only utilise staff with the skills and qualifications appropriate to the work being undertaken. Generally, the majority of work is undertaken by our experienced Refrigeration Technicians, at times accompanied by an experienced Trade Assistant or Apprentice to assist with lifting, fitting parts and cleaning filters etc.

Ezdan Projects undertakes regular training and monitoring. Our staff have regular toolbox, safety and product training sessions, and a number of our field technicians are undertaking an Advanced Diploma of Engineering, Refrigeration. In addition, all of our technicians have undertaken the mandatory “Rescue and Resuscitation Training” and every two years complete Fire Safety Training.